Vision, Mission and Policy

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leader in the industries we operate.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quality products and services by means of using of creative, safe and environmentally friendly technologies and applications, contributing the development and welfare of the countries and thus enhancing the life quality of people.


MİTAŞ Industry and Trade Inc. is conscious of importance of quality, environment, occupational health safety issues in order to be succesful and reliable world brand in the business area we work for. For this purpose, MİTAŞ carries out activities in sustained manner in accordance with the integrated management system which has been constituted by the direction of mission, vision and assets of MİTAŞ which includes quality, environment and occupational health safety systems.
In this scope MİTAŞ promises;
• Continious improvement by managing risks in an active manner,
• Composing measurable targets for business processes and increasing performance to be able to compete with worldwide competitors,
• Preserving dinamic,innovator and competitor flag by continiously improving information and manufacturing know how as well as impoving human resoruces,
• Meeting customer requirements with team spirit formed with value chain through all products and processes,
• Carriying on activities in accordance with legal regulations, internationally accepted standarts, customer requirement and sectoral business practises,
• Taking measures in order to prevent undesirable affects on environment and human being throughout the process chain from order to end of product lifetime and in association with employees, subcontractors, contractos,
• Minimizing unsafe conditions and activities, probable incident and occupational illness,
• Decreasing and if possible avoiding greenhouse gas arise, wastes by optimising consupmtion by using energy and natural resources in efficient way,
• Enhancing the ability and competence of employess and stakeholders on quality, environment and occuational health safety and creating ways for them to participate imporevements,
• Ensuring security for intellectual properties and personal informations of employess and stakeholders,
• Establishing communication with subsidiaries in a clear and common mind manner,
• Ensuring the protection of 3 fundamental items; privacy,integrity,and accesibleness of information security through all activities.